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T is for Tax

In tax, there is only one Mark of Expertise. The mark of The Tax Institute. Is my tax in good hands? This question keeps us business people awake at night.

We toss and turn: is our tax professional up to date with the laws; is she really as good as she says; can I trust his opinion... will I get a call from the revenue authority?

Today, that’s changed. We have the T of The Tax Institute.

As a united body of Australia’s dedicated tax professionals, The Tax Institute represents more than 11,000 trusted tax specialists, including all of the Chartered Tax Advisers, the country’s only global leaders in tax.

These professionals are good for your business. Look for the T on a business card or résumé. It means you’re talking to a specialist: like a brain surgeon of tax.

They attend regular tax seminars; complete innovative tax education and training; and, most importantly, can be trusted with your individual and company’s tax.

If the professional you use isn’t a member of The Tax Institute, ask them to join. It will lead to peace of mind and the return of a good night’s sleep.

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You are welcome to use our Tax Specialist Directory to find a tax specialist, including all our Chartered Tax Advisers, and specific practices.

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Members can store or update their practice details in the directory so potential clients can find them. To update your details:

  • login via the purple strip at the top of this page to gain access
  • click on "Update my details"
  • check the box "Show as Tax Specialist"
  • save.