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25 Aug 1111 6 Notices of Withdrawal issued

On 24 August 2011, the ATO issued the following 6 Notices of Withdrawal:

  • IT 328W - Trusts : Interpretation of s 101 in relation to ss 99 and 99A under 1964 amending legislation (with effect from 1 September 2011)
  • IT 329W - Discretionary Trusts : Section 101 - resolutions of trustee (with effect from 1 September 2011)
  • TD 2003/2W - Income tax: can a private company be taken to have paid a dividend under either s 109C or s 109D of ITAA 1936 ('the Act') in respect of a payment or loan taken to have been made to a target entity by way of s 109T of the Act where the private company is taken to have made a loan to the interposed entity by way of s 109UB of the Act?
  • TD 94/93W - Income tax: are second schedule charges incurred by a motor vehicle dealer, upon the acquisition from the manufacturer/ importer of a new vehicle, components of cost price for the purposes of calculating the value of that vehicle in terms of s 31(1) of ITAA 1936?
  • TD 94/94W - Income tax: can s 51(2A) of ITAA 1936 operate to deny a tax deduction, available to a motor vehicle dealer, for second schedule charges incurred when acquiring new vehicle trading stock?
  • TR 96/10W - Income tax: section 110C of ITAA 1936: calculation of exempt income and deductions


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