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13 Aug 1010 A tax agent's lot (is not a happy one)

MEMBER 256 writes:

"Client lodged own return on E-Tax.

  • 13/1/2010 - Amendment request to ATO
  • April- May - phone calls to ATO re status
  • 5/5/2010 - received amendment - but wrong
  • 12/5/2010 - Client signs a second amendment request (in spite of ATO error) and sent to ATO
  • 16/7/2010 - received amended assessment - no cheque
  • 16/7/2010 - phoned ATO who insist cheque sent to us - not received by us
  • 16/7/2010 - Cancelled cheque and requested replacement - told 2 weeks service period
  • 30/7/2010 - Phoned ATO re cheque status. ATO cannot find status of cheque. Told to wait for 14 days.
  • 10/8/2010 - Phoned for status of cheque. Cheque dated 4/8/2010  "delay may be with Australia Post or with ATO processing area"
  • 10/8/2010 - Client understandably stroppy. Agent thoroughly p...d off! Note: our fee was $200 - WIP to date now $686.
Action taken - All amendment requests now entered into a complaint register and all contact with ATO logged. In 12 months time, consideration will be given to applying for ex-gratia payment for compensation for maladministration.

The absolute tragedy is that agents cannot get face-to-face with an officer of the ATO who has the power and the authority to intervene in cases of this nature to maintain the credibility of agents who are trying their best , let alone to establish the ATO as a credible organization.

We hate to say it but we have a similar case dating back to April 2009. You never know but resolution could arrive in the next mail. Maybe?"

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