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17 Dec 1010 A tax agent's Xmas wish list

"Dear Santa - All I Want for Christmas is:

  1. The ATO "The Matrix" Agent Smith Doll to remind me what will happen to me if I transgress just like Paul Hogan
  2. A toy bulldozer to remind me of the ATO's attitude to taxpayers and tax agents alike
  3. Three hundred fully employed and taxpayer paid spin doctor dolls to remind me just how darn good the ATO Change System is
  4. A sleeping bag for my desk so I can squeeze in just that extra hour answering meaningless ATO debt enquiries for long departed clients
  5. A feather duster for my telephone so I can sweep the cobwebs off it whilst waiting for the ATO to call telling me they have fixed their problems
  6. A broom to sweep all of my ATO caused problems under the carpet just like the one the ATO uses on their Change System
  7. A cocktail lounge circuit guest speaker doll which can lecture me on the virtues of common sense because obviously I have none
  8. A pair of ATO approved & certified deaf ears to hear my client’s complaints with
  9. A set of movable goalposts just like the ones the ATO uses when going past their "reply by" service standards
  10. The ATO "Emperor's New Clothes" doll - you know the one that listens to their staff that the Change System is working well
  11. A time machine to take me back to the times when the ATO was a professional outfit - yeah I want the long distance one!!
  12. Lastly a wish for all tax agents to have a good break over Christmas."

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