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02 Nov 2018 Adjusting tax returns without facts

MEMBER 361 writes: 

It seems the ATO is wanting to adjust income tax returns before assessments, which sounds prudent. I lodged three years of tax returns, two older ones with zone rebates, but the assessments simply ignored the zone rebate. There was no letter of adjustment, no adjustment advice on the Notice of Assessment – the ATO simply ignored the claim somehow. 

So, we go through the portal messaging. The ATO, without any confirmation of facts, or determining any actual facts, without advising us has disallowed the zone rebate. The officer simply assumed information. After they are informed of the facts, the claim is correct and allowed in full. The ATO is making decisions without any attempt to confirm the facts are so wrong. And of course wasting our time. It gives the impression to the client that we don’t know how to do our job - thanks ATO. 

The amusing adage: one of the responses from the ATO via portal message was an attachment only, with the attached being an A4 page with no header, no letterhead, no references, no signatures, nothing – only a “Hi”, First Name and one sentence request.  And I am supposed to treat that as a proper request for information by the ATO? No is the answer. Overall a poor effort, poor standards.


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