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MEMBER 165 writes:


"’Dear ATO,


Thank you so much for my print-it-yourself certificate of 85% compliance. I have printed and laminated it and have it proudly hanging on the inside of the office toilet door.


While we are sharing this moment of goodwill, I would also like to extend my thanks for your new shiny website. I especially love the new search feature that yields no results for common search terms. It was a really wise choice to launch it a few days before the end of the financial year.


I also love your shiny new 'tax time' app; my favourite part is the bit where you follow a link to the *old* website – and it goes nowhere.


Finally, today I received a letter from you stating that a client’s March activity statement was overdue. On checking my records, I find a copy of the lodged form, printed from the Portal, lodged before the due date, via the Portal. On checking the Portal, it seems that I must have dreamt that as the activity statement now appears to have not been lodged at all!


I have to say, I really feel that our tax administration is in good hands when such simple tasks are impossible to complete. As the new Commissioner stated in his lovely welcome video, he doesn’t want us tax agents making our problems his problem. Heaven forbid, we are way too busy working on his problems to worry about having time to give him any of our own! Anyone would think he doesn’t want us to meet our 85% target.’


Thanks, TAXVINE, for my weekly dose of sanity."