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03 Sep 1010 And now for something completely different

MEMBER 277 writes :

"Geez I wish the ATO would put the same kind of effort and funding into fixing up their pathetic performance on the simple bread & butter things like say simple tax administration & offering service to the general public as they have in their Don Quixotic-like pursuit of Paul Hogan. Perhaps Project Wickerby (or is that Wicker as in witchcraft) funds could be used to engage Kate Ritchie to appear in the new show styled 'ATO - L.A.C' otherwise known as 'ATO - Load A C.r.a.p' . Perhaps ATO officers could dress up like Hugo Weaving as slow-talking Agent Smith of the Matrix roaming the streets shaking down suspected tax cheats because, hey, inside every taxpaying Australian is a tax cheat just waiting to bust out!!! WAIT - what’s that smashing noise in the outer office, G-men in cheap ill-fitting black suits, 'Wait I can explain everything...' - TRANSMISSION ENDED"

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