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MEMBER 245 writes:

"That seems to be the policy of the ATO towards its customers.

Had a gentleman acquaintance (who is not a client) ask us how to pay a penalty notice sent to him by the ATO. Sounds simple to deal with, you say, but wait, there's more.

There was no payment slip attached to the notice. So pay it at the ATO office? Of course not! Their business is collection of money but they don't have facilities to accept a cash payment. Pay at the Post Office? Not without a payment slip. Other payment options? Nothing mentioned on the ATO notice. And this taxpayer does not have a cheque account or internet banking anyway. Credit card? Not without the code that comes with the payment slip. So ring up the ATO and ask them how to pay? Not on your nelly, as there is not even any phone number on the notice.

This poor guy is just a small earner who wants to pay his bill. Why should he be forced to run around trying to find a way to pay his debt? Why does the ATO make life hard for EVERYBODY?"