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MEMBER 152 writes:

"The ATO no longer provide instruction booklets for the preparation of income tax returns other than the individual return.

They provide online instructions as they are going paperless. How simple is it to provide the instructions in a downloadable PDF file so it can be printed out as a reference that can be highlighted, scribbled on and used for staff training?

Also the instructions are no longer as extensive or as useful as they used to be in years gone by."

MEMBER 153 writes:

"Why does ATO withdraw more essential publications?

Can The Tax Institute do anything to help the ATO understand how a little consultation could help them avoid such stupid decisions?

Today we included the following paragraph in letter to a client with substantial international transactions:

'Your draft 2013 Income Tax Return includes an International Dealings Schedule of 13 pages. In previous years, we've provided you with copies of the ATO instructions for completion of this schedule. For 2013, there is no publication.  Unfortunately, you will need to refer to the poorly presented material contained solely within the ATO website. (Search for international dealings schedule.) We're unable to give you a direct link to the relevant webpage as those addresses are constantly being changed. If you're as frustrated as we are by this incompetent administration of our taxation system, please discuss it with your local member of Parliament before the upcoming federal election.'"