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MEMBER 37 writes:

"The phasing out of paper activity statements makes perfect sense. The resources wasted in printing and posting them must be staggering.

That said, I would like to suggest an improvement to the system before it kicks off.

Every quarter, my pile of paper forms is only really used to track outstanding lodgments. The ATO have stated that instead, they will send an email listing the forms that are due. Great! I can print that list and cross them off as they are lodged.

There is a problem with this – until now, I have not been using an email address for my clients when I register them (because, why?). The time sink involved in updating the records for all of my clients individually on the Portal is going to be staggering. 

Hey ATO, I know you read this – how about helping us out here, and giving us a bulk client update service to allow us to update the email addresses of all of our clients."