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26 Nov 1010 Another take on audits and auditors, and other matters

MEMBER 352 writes:

"It is easy to see that the ATO is run by public servants. Their business is collecting money from us poor taxpayers. But if we go to any of their offices, we cannot pay our tax bills over the counter. Their shopfronts don't want to give us more than a couple of forms that we need and now we are informed that if a taxpayer wants a face-to-face meeting with the ATO, he/she will need to make an appointment and it can only take place in 3 offices in the whole country.

And years ago when they were paying their auditors around $40,000 per year those auditors were bringing in about $300,000+ per year in additional tax. And what did the ATO do when it needed to cut costs? Sacked about 600 auditors. Any businessman or any person with a brain could see that it would be better to hire 600 more. If I had to pay $40 to collect $300, I would make as many $40 payments as I could! No wonder they don't understand business."

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