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14 Dec 2018 ATO beta and Lego movie

MEMBER 406 writes: 

Back in October I received a broadcast email about ATO beta. The other day I looked at it again and realised the familiarity of the wording/content. It talks in terms of ‘cool when you’re part of a team’, of ‘Cragile’, ‘tricks along the way’, ‘going solo’, ‘pairing up’, being ‘awesome’, using ‘hangouts’, having ‘fabulous collaboration spaces’. It sounds to me like the Lego movie, the movie has ‘Kragle’, it has master builders – but I thought the tone and feel of that ATO beta content was the Lego movie. 

The ATO title of the document is ‘everything is cool when you’re part of a team’, if you Google that you get all the Lego content. If you Google that and add ‘ATO’ then you will get the ATO beta content.


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