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08 Nov 2019 ATO interaction

MEMBER 311 writes: 

I’m dying of exhaustion here. In 25+ years working in this space, I have never known the ATO to be so active, and yet so intransigent – I can only guess that they’re working to KPI’s or quotas which are ultimately counter-productive. 

We’ve had multiple interception of returns pre-assessment – I guess self-assessment is well and truly dead and buried – and most are dealt with expediently. 

For those that aren’t, I’m getting tired of the “we sent a further request/request for further information”, but the Client Communication List shows no correspondence issued, and no requests are evident via the portal either. I’m not sure how we deal with that. 

Otherwise, if the ATO has, for example, 28 days to attend to a matter, then the same courtesy should be extended to a taxpayer in its counter response. ‘Watching the clock’ is counter intuitive to the integrity of the system. 

I am old school – produce receipts/substantiation; refer to legislative provision, case precedent, rulings/guidance. I expect that if a valid argument is mounted and conceded, then all is well. 

Who changed the rules? 

There is no time for argument in a world of summary justice.


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