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On 19 February 2015, Tax Counsel Thilini Wickramasuriya FTI attended a meeting of the ATO Lodgment Working Group. Topics discussed included:

  • Switch to electronic notification for activity statements: the ATO has not detected an increase in late lodgments from this initiative. 
  • TTI proposal to extend the date of lodgment date for FBT returns: the ATO rejected the proposal due to revenue impact.
  • Lodgment Program performance letters: the group gave feedback on the wording of these letters and the information to be included in them. 
  • Managing clients with multiple outstanding: the ATO discussed the uptake of new deferral requests to deal with such clients, and is considering other methods for dealing this issue. 
  • Treatment of underperforming clients: the group discussed the ATO’s proposed treatment of agents with on-time lodgments below 30%. 
  • ATO Portals: the ATO stated that the work to migrate the portals to ATO Online platform will likely be in the medium term, with the current focus being on SBR. The ATO suggested that many complaints regarding the performance of the Portals actually relate to other systems such as browser issues or internet connection.

Members seeking further information on this consultation should contact us at Tax Policy.