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MEMBER 240 writes:

"I downloaded a pre-filling report for a client and was surprised to see that Mr Sam Jones was now Miss Sally Jones (names changed to protect the guilty). All other details remained unchanged.

I looked at his file, the TFN was correct. Checked the ABR for his ABN and “WOW” Miss Sally Jones now owned the ABN.

When the client came in later that day I asked if there was anything he wanted to tell me. He certainly looked like the bloke I knew. Nope, nothing has changed. I showed him the pre-filling report. Did he know that person? Yes, that is my sister. Same date of birth? Yes, we are twins. She has only just applied for a TFN.

What is it with the ATO, are they getting too lazy to do their job? Will we have two or more people to a Tax File Number?

I sent an email off to the ATO advising them of their error, but knowing the typical response it will be the taxpayer's fault as the ATO never do anything wrong 

I will keep you posted as to what happens.

My prediction is that they will say the TFN has been compromised, put a hold on the taxpayers refund, stuff around for 6 months and then issue a new TFN to the taxpayer. Not sure what will happen to the Sister’s TFN as she is not a client.

As to the ABN, that is probably a different department - not our problem - type result.

Thanks TAXVINE for a venue to vent our frustrations at a system that is getting worse by the day."