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MEMBER 105 writes:

"We are forever being told by ATO that we cannot access information for our clients without climbing through hoops to prove our identity, etc. It therefore came as a surprise when I printed out a Client Account Running Balance Report from the tax portal today and discovered information of amounts owing on integrated and income tax accounts for many taxpayers that are no longer clients. It appears that where someone was our client when they received the Tax Bonus $900 payment some years back, they remain attached to our tax agent number despite their income tax and activity statement work being taken over by another tax agent. When logged into the tax portal for these clients, the portal refuses to let us know the lodgment status of their Activity statements or Income Tax Returns so it seems a bit incongruous that the ATO is giving us the actual amounts of tax owing or owed on the Running Balance Report.

Obviously we can go through the list and individually remove ourselves as agent from each of these ex-clients, however that requires us to do more work whereas it would be much more logical for the ATO to make the Running Balance Report match the accounts for which we are agents."

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