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In last week's TAXVINE - see 2013 TAXVINE No 42 (1 November 2013) - Member 237 commented that Apple had released 'Maverick OS X', its latest operating system. However, this new operating system works with a great majority of websites but, sadly, not with the ATO’s Tax Agent or Business Portals.

The ATO now responds:

"The issue you experienced is related to changes to Safari 7 Java security settings that occurred with the Apple update on 23 October 2013.

The security settings, as a default, protect against Java-enabled websites which include the AUSkey sites that are used in the authentication process to access the ATO portals.

The ATO Technical Help Desk advises that the following options are available to help you to resolve this issue:

- Use an alternative browser to access ATO portals. Our Technical Help Desk have successfully tested the Mozilla Firefox browser.

- Change your Safari 7 browser Java security settings to allow AUSkey websites. If you are unsure how to do this, the ATO Technical Help Desk can guide you through the process. To contact the ATO Technical Help Desk, please call 1300 139 373."