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On Tuesday 1 July 2014, Tax Counsel Thilini Wickramasuriya ATI attended a meeting of the ATO Tax Practitioner Advisory Group to discuss issues arising during Tax Time 2014. As Tax Time 2014 has just begun, there were few issues to discuss at this stage. The ATO noted that they will prepare and circulate a timeline estimating when pre-fill information will be available. 

Please find below the key messages from this meeting as circulated by the ATO: 

Tax Time

Watch these videos to find out about the new measures and key changes for this tax time

Tax Time 2014 videos - watch them now

Introduction to rental property and tax


Completing private health insurance policy details


The ATO receives the information used in the pre-filling service progressively from 1 July, with substantial amounts available by late July. Practitioners can generally access this information two to three days after the ATO receives it. 

The ATO will work with members to provide some additional guidance on the timeframes in which we expect pre-filled information to be available.

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Pre-filling 2014

Integrity checks

Refund Integrity rules have been enhanced to improve our ability to detect potential fraudulent cases. This should result in fewer non fraud cases being stopped compared to last year. 

Where a refund is stopped to undertake verification, we will endeavour to make contact with the taxpayer within 2 weeks, advising of the delay and requesting supporting documentation. There may also be contact with third parties, such as employers, as a part of the verification process.

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Tax refund checks

Data matching

Tips and links

System maintenance and issues 

To check details of system unavailability as a result of maintenance and system issues affecting our online services.

System maintenance and issues | Australian Taxation Office

If you are experiencing any problems accessing or using our online services, read this information carefully before contacting our Technical Help Desk. 

Members seeking further information in relation to the above or any other issues relating to Tax Time 2014 should contact us at