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18 Apr 2019 ATO updates reported in TaxVine

MEMBER 83 writes:

Dear TaxVine,

I write with the well meaning intention of asking the editor or some other equally knowledgeable person at the TI to please write a commentary about the ATO updates and not just repeat them for us all to read in TaxVine. 

As a point in question is the note about single touch payroll in TaxVine No 13 (12 April 2019), and in particular the comments in relation to the accessing of one’s income statement and the comment from the ATO that employees need to access these documents through MyGov. 

The TI in my humble opinion should be well aware of the damage that accessing any of a Tax Agent’s clients through MyGov and that once a Client does this then they are promptly removed from a Tax Agent’s client list and all documentation gets sent to the Client direct and not through the nominated Tax Agent. The Tax Agent does not even know when documents are sent to the Client through MyGov. 

I am aware that when the new Tax Portal finally comes online some time I believe around September or October 2019 then there is supposed to be a facility to ensure that all a Tax Agent’s clients mail is sent to the Tax Agent and not the client through MyGov. 

It would greatly assist if the TI can ensure that the whole story is told to us in TaxVine and not just the Gospel according to the ATO. 

To be fair perhaps no staff at the TI are aware of this anomaly and the damage that MyGov does to a Tax Agent. 

Just reproducing ATO newsletters without questioning or querying them is not sufficient.


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