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On Tuesday 12 March 2013, Arthur Athanasiou CTA (Thomsons Lawyers) and Tax Counsel Stephanie Caredes CTA attended a meeting of the ATPF Director Penalty and PAYG Withholding Non-Compliance Tax Working Group (Working Group). The Working Group was formed for the purpose of considering administration issues in relation to the new director penalty notice measures and the PAYG withholding non-compliance tax measures.   Below is a summary of the main issues discussed:

  • Members discussed various issues surrounding the administration of non-compliance tax and requested a fact sheet be issued to assist tax practitioners to understand how this measure would be administered;
  • Members considered draft documentation to be issued by the ATO to assist company directors to understand their obligations under the director penalty and PAYGW non-compliance tax measures.

Members who seek further information in relation to any of the above should contact us at Tax Policy.