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25 Jan 1313 Can we have an explanation please?

MEMBER 7 writes:

"Dear ATO,

Would you kindly explain why our expensive sophisticated computer system cannot do a whole job at once. I lodged both 2011 & 2012 Tax Returns for husband and wife clients on 19 December 2012. Notice of Assessments for both 2011 and 2012 arrived today 11 January 2013 for husband, but for the wife, only 2011. The accompanying Statement of Account clearly shows that the 2012 Return has been processed, shows the refund due, indicates that the refund has been issued, but the cheque attached is only for the 2011 refund amount. WHY??? And no Notice of Assessment for 2012. WHY?? I can see no logic to this outcome. Can someone please explain?

Now it will involve a few telephone calls to a FKC where, no doubt, the enquiry will be 'escalated' to give them more time to think of a reason. No telephone call response, no further communications, and my time non-recoverable.

In the words of the favourite television commercial...NOT HAPPY, JAN!!"

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