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03 Aug 1212 Comments on last week's feedback

MEMBER 163 writes:

"We note the feedback of members in last week's TAXVINE - see 2012 TAXVINE No 28 (27 July 2012) - and comment:

Member 153 - Yes we have experienced this as well. $850 million computer system and they cannot even transfer a credit balance to match against a debit balance but they are keen to hang on to any large refunds.

Member 154 - We have received our clients' Annual GST returns so someone in a call centre is providing wrong information.

Member 155- We also received a PAYG Instalment for an ex client who has been OFF our list for 10 years. Glad we have an industrial strength shredder to dispose of this trash.

Member 156 - Yes we also noticed the change in business days standard plus the 28 days now goes to 30 days. We have to be cynical.

Member 157- We agree that the ATO takes it upon themselves to send out these 'dumb' letters and all we get is the client ringing us to explain what it all means as they the taxpayer have difficulty deciphering the ATO jargon. It costs us time and money.

Finally we have noted several recent phone calls 'purportedly' coming from ATO to clients who had ceased directorships of companies either months or even years prior. The claim is that ATO is chasing up the director for supposed tax debts owed by the company. The caller claims that the former director is still listed on ASIC as a director. We have checked the ASIC register and have verifications of the cessation of directorships well before any subsequent tax debts.

Therefore it would seem that if it is the ATO, their information is sadly out of date or alternatively the ATO does not have direct access to ASIC. Once again why have taxpayers spent $850 million if this system is deficient in the ability to access the most basic of other government records?"

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