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MEMBER 233 writes:

"As with most accounting/financial planning firms, we now maintain a complaints register. A review of the register at our recent monthly staff meeting revealed a complaint registered from a representative of the ATO. The complaint was against our receptionist, and was made to our office manager.

What dastardly mistake did she make, I pondered, as I asked the nerve wracking question: 'What happened?'

'Well', said the office manager, 'Amy took a call from a person who said he was from the ATO. It was one of those debt collection calls in relation to a client's outstanding debt. The ATO rep asked Amy to provide the client's current home address, and contact details. Amy refused saying that to do so would breach our client's privacy, and in any event, the client's home address would already be maintained in ATO records. The ATO rep persisted, and when he could not get the requested information, demanded to lodge a formal complaint. I told him that his complaint would be registered, but that as far as I was concerned as Amy's manager, Amy had acted appropriately. We had no proof that he was actually an ATO rep, and could not disclose confidential information over the phone'.

Amy - thank you!

Job well done!!"

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