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MEMBER 152 writes:

"Please note that it is still impossible to deal with the ATO.

Today I have had to waste over 30 minutes on the phone. One of my clients received a letter recently from the ATO about the ATO receiving a second activity statement that had been lodged. My client received a letter with no address on it, no fax number, but a request to call a 1300 130 926 phone number.

I have wasted time this morning calling the ATO, I spoke to a person at Penrith, this person refused to provide their full name when asked, asked me many times what I was calling about and really did not listen to the problem at all, refused to transfer the call to a supervisor when asked and eventually when a supervisor was on the phone she advised that she could not hear me and then she stated that she would call me back. How can she do this when she had not asked for my phone number?

This is just another case of the ATO staff refusing to do their jobs correctly and wasting my time. I had already worked out what the problem was with the duplicate activity statement over the weekend, but now needless to say, I will not be wasting any more time chasing the ATO to correct their mess, nor did the supervisor ever call me back.

This continuing wasting of our time due to the ATO staff not providing the correct information in the first place is really unacceptable."

MEMBER 153 writes:

"After reading [last] week's TAXVINE, it just seems to be the same old!!...same old!!

Do we have the right people on The Tax Institute talking to the right people at the ATO or are we just swimming around and around going absolutely nowhere?

We seriously need an uprising, it is ridiculous!!! No wonder we cannot get our processing done on time. Bear in mind this is only the ATO not to mention all the other bungling authorities we have to deal with, please give us a break!!"


Members 152 and 153, we understand your frustration. The Tax Institute is represented on all relevant consultative committees of the ATO and Treasury, and we regularly raise with them issues that affect our members and their clients. We also meet regularly with the Assistant Treasurer and the Inspector-General of Taxation. Ultimately, however, the management of the ATO is the responsibility of the Commissioner and his senior staff. We can assure you that we will continue to make the views of our members known at every opportunity - including through TAXVINE - and trust that despite your frustration we have your continuing support in this endeavour.

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