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MEMBER 19, who wrote last week as Member 10 - see 2013 TAXVINE No 2 (1 February 2013) - provides the following update to his tale of woe:

"An update to my issue with ATO. Having plenty of experience with the ATO and after their advice not to call them until after 19 January 2013 (28 days from process date as per Portal Information), I waited a further 14 days. Previously I had been notified by the ATO via the delayed returns report that my client [who should be entitled to a refund] was a Category 1 and therefore 'You or your client should have received a letter...blah blah blah'. Well, I had not received a letter nor had my client received a letter or any other communication, so I again rang the ATO.

The officer who dealt with me stated he could not see that the refund was to be released BUT he could see an indicator that a 'letter was being prepared'.

Really, this is just not good enough! Firstly the refunds are held up and when we enquire - we are told nothing but ring back in 28 days, the client appears on the delayed returns list as a Category 1 and we are advised by ATO that as a Category 1 that the client 'should have received a letter'. It is now 47 days after process date (not lodgment date) and we are informed that a letter is still being prepared - God save us!"

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