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15 Feb 1313 Don't hold your breath (continued)

MEMBER 22, who last week wrote as Member 19 - see 2013 TAXVINE No 3 (8 February 2013) - and the week before as Member 10 - see 2013 TAXVINE No 2 (1 February 2013) - provides an update and a few questions for the ATO:

"A postscript to my 'Blue Hills' saga with the ATO - refer Member 10 and Member 19 of last few weeks.

I rang the ATO and the officer stated that there was a file note that a letter was being prepared by them for my client - this was after 40 odd days. The very next day a tax officer contacted me to state that the issue was that the information provided as payment summaries could not be verified, can I provide the source documents to the ATO? This was done in 24 hours and now everything is moving. I checked the portal this morning (11022013) and could see progress.

Funnily, the client called into office this morning with D&B demand letter for outstanding debt.

Hopefully the refunds will now issue, post haste.

My issues with this entire affair are:

1. When the 2011 and 2012 tax returns were 'held up' as category 1 delayed returns - why can the 'all seeing, all dancing, all knowing' ATO systems not immediately issue a letter/email for the payment summaries. It is ludicrous to me that Category 1 identifies returns as 'Potentially fraudulent and/or overstated claim'. I can understand this occurring for a self-preparer BUT not for agent prepared tax returns - otherwise I would not being doing my job or following the Code of Conduct etc!

2. Why would the ATO not talk with us for 28 days, when it was such a minor matter and not fraudulent or an overclaim?

3. Why did the client receive a D&B letter for immediate collection of debt when the combination of the income tax account and integrated client account were in net refund and it was obvious what the issue was?

4. Why does the ATO persist in wasting our time, our client's time and trying their hardest to revert to the bad old days of 'us and them'?

I was a Tax Officer in a previous life and I am very sad at the gross inefficiencies and poor practices now confronting the long suffering tax paying community who have to interact with ATO."

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