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MEMBER 208 writes:

"I recently received a FTL penalty for non-lodgment of a client's March 2012 BAS. I sent a pothole message requesting remission on the basis that the BAS was lodged and I had an ELS validation number, yet the BAS was not showing on the client's ICA. The client had also paid the BAS. I then receive a phone call from the ATO who could not believe that the BAS was lodged yet did not appear to them as being lodged, so I was asked to lodge it again, which I duly did and received a validation report. I asked the ATO officer to make sure the penalty was remitted to which he agreed.

Upon opening today's mail I find a letter from the ATO refusing to remit the penalty. Suffice to say my blood was boiling until a nice lady at the ATO was able to help me and I then lodged the BAS via the pothole. She was able to see the instant lodgment and agreed to remit the penalty. Sanity finally prevailed.

I shall now enjoy a glass (or 2) of chilled white tonight. To the member last week seeking inspiration over the pothole and the ATO website, may I suggest a glass of white or red, whichever takes your fancy. Thank heavens for the Member Feedback to be able to 'vent our spleen'."