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07 Jun 2019 Extension of time anyone?

MEMBER 143 writes: 

Here I am at my desk on Tuesday 4 June 2019 frantically trying to manage the lodgment of my client database. We are behind in our lodgments by a long way. 

I then read an urgent email from the ATO that their ever reliable PLS is down again. One of my admin staff just told me she’s been trying to lodge returns for the past two hours – returns we promised our clients would be lodged today. 

We’ve all come to expect glitches in the PLS system but what disappoints me the most is the absence of any blanket extension by the ATO for our June 2018 lodgments. 

Our firm is in the Small Business space and we have spent ALOT of time this year getting clients ready for STP from 1 July 2019. 

This has taken us away from meeting one compliance deadline (ie lodgments) to another compliance deadline (ie STP). 

Is it too much to ask for the ATO to realise this in the first place and offer an extension of time. Anyone there? <Crickets>… 

Tax Counsel Stephanie Caredes comments: Assistant Commissioner Colin Walker announced in a webcast to tax agents earlier this week that the due date is being moved from 5 June 2019 to 11 June 2019 due to the outage that occurred on 4 June 2019. Tax agents will only need to complete their lodgements and will not need to request deferrals as the deferrals have been done by the ATO already. The ATO advised tax agents of this on 6 June 2019.


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