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MEMBER 172 writes:


"It appears that there is still no improvement in the ATO’s 'system'.


We lodged a 2011/12 return for a client who passed away during the 2011/12 year as a Final Return.


Applied for and was issued a TFN for the Estate as from the date of death (and duly lodged a 2011/12 return for the post DoD income of the estate.


Anyway, the deceased’s return is still showing on our 2012/13 list of returns.


What’s the point of showing a return as a 'Final Return' when this is ignored by the ATO?   This has been an issue for many many years and obviously still has not been fixed.


Also, we could not mark the return as 'No Further Returns Necessary' via the Portal – we got a message '!Error Please contact ATO'.


As was pointed out to the ATO last year, such returns still showing on a practices’ client listing does form part of the population for determining lodgment performance percentages, but this problem in their system still has not been addressed.

On behalf of us members, can The Tax Institute please put pressure on the ATO to get them to fix such known issues."