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MEMBER 10 writes:

"Well I wish it was a Happy New Year in my dealings with the ATO, but a 'frustration resolution to tax agents' seems to be the resolution by the ATO. In November 2012, I lodged 2011 and 2012 tax returns for a client, the credits for each year were posted to the ITA with a process date of 20 December 2012 and an effective date of 21 November 2011 for the 2011 return and 21 November 2012 for the 2012 return. We have contacted the ATO for release of the funds and they stated the usual script of 28 days blah blah blah.

On 20 Jan 2013 the client appeared on our delayed returns list with Reason Code 1. Now, when I check the Reason Code 1, it states 'You or your client should have received a letter advising of a delay in processing your tax return and the latest date we expect to issue the assessment or to contact you to request additional information'.

Well 'Bah humbug', the ATO is continuing into 2013 with same actions as in 2012, they state one procedure and then do not follow it, we have received NO COMMUNICATION from the ATO nor has our client - not happy Mr New Commissioner.

Further, as this is a new client to the practice then their 'late lodgment' should not affect our stats as we have zero control over when the client lodges his tax return(s). We should only be responsible for those clients that form part of our lodgment list at 31 October 20XX. Any other 'new' client should be held responsible for their own lodgment, not tax agents who are assisting the client and performing a service for the ATO/Community in getting the returns lodged and the client up to date with ATO."

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