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In 2015 TAXVINE No 4 (13 February 2015), Member 16 asked how they could cancel a client's ABN using AUSkey to log into the ABR.


"Standard AUSkey holders do not have default permissions set to cancel client ABN registrations in the ABR. An AUSkey Administrator needs to log into Access Manager to enable this function. When an Administrator has logged into Access Manager the following steps need to be completed.

1. Select ‘Access and Permissions’

2. Find and select the user

3. Select ‘Client’ tab

4. Tick the box next to ‘Cancel client ABN registration’

5.  Select ‘Save’

This should enable the Standard AUSkey holder to cancel your clients ABN in the ABR.  This step will need to be completed for each Standard holder requiring this permission.

For more information select the link Access Manager."