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MEMBER 36 writes:

"I have a couple of ideas that would save the ATO many THOUSANDS of dollars.

1 When the ATO sends the monthly Integrated Client account – running balance account, they always send an envelope with it. As nowadays taxpayers are in a payment plan and pay by BPAY or Credit Card or direct credit there is no need for the envelope.

2 The cost of printing, freight, paper and handling these useless envelopes must cost $$$$$$$$.

3 Another saving the ATO could make is – They always send an envelope with the Quarterly PAYG instalment notice. As most taxpayers don’t send cheques back to ATO, why send the envelope? The code on the envelope is NAT 15228-04.2006.

The ATO could save $$$$$$$ by looking at all correspondence they send and see if there are other forms etc that don’t need envelopes. 

Thank you TTI for all the wonderful work you are doing for us members. I only have a small practice and have been a member for MANY MANY years and have always appreciated you good work."