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MEMBER 217 writes:

"We recently had a situation where a customer had accrued a significant ($m+) GST liability in their accounts. Over a period of 4 months, they had reduced the liability by some 75%. The ATO had issued a request for payment, we indicated that the balance is being paid down very quickly and would be cleared up in the next couple of months. They did not accept this and issued a Statutory Demand. We responded with further information which they rejected. We then lodged a complaint to the ATO. Two days later, a very sensible Case Resolution Officer spoke to us and, bingo - 'I can see what's happening, they're paying it down and quickly. Don't have a problem as it's common in their industry. Would you like a payment arrangement over the next 12 months to pay out the rest of it?'

Why did we have to go through three levels of correspondence, phone calls, frustration and lack of understanding to finally get to someone who has some ability to read an ICA? Who wears the cost for this?

From now on I think we'll just complain straight away - makes the whole thing more sensible!"

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