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03 Aug 1212 I can feel another head banging season ahead

MEMBER 164 writes:

"I recently lodged 2 franking credit refund returns, which have not yet issued as of 30 July 2012. The portal shows for both returns that they were lodged on 12 July2012 and an 'Effective date' of 20 July 2012, yet 10 days later no sign of either assessment. I phoned the ATO today to be told that it was still within their service standards and nothing more could be done. That is what I call service (NOT). I also lodged 2 years' returns for a client and today I receive the 2012 assessment and a statement of account showing a credit balance to the value of the 2011 assessment which according to the portal shows an effective date of 1 August. Why is it so difficult to issue both assessments and one cheque all together (like the old system did). I think I will now bang my head against the wall in shear anticipation of what this new season will bring. I look forward to TAXVINE's Member Feedback each week to bring some sanity to the rat race. Cheers."

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