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29 Apr 1111 I can relate to that

MEMBER 72 writes:


I have just read through 2011 TAXVINE No 14 and for some reason I seem to be able to understand two of the member feedback points.

For me to understand them I feel indicates the troubles being experienced right across the tax system for everyone.

Member 65 feedback
This talked about the couple with the same incomes with the wife having the higher PAYG instalment. I had almost the opposite occur where the wife's was not processed by the ATO for a couple of months. This was great in our situation as this kept the instalments down and also the tax payable did not have to get paid. I was hoping they would never send the assessment. The client was getting a bit worried because they thought there was a problem with the return and I had to speak to them each couple of weeks. Well, finally after ringing the ATO, hesitantly, they told me it was due to a date of birth discrepancy and so they could not issue the assessment. It looks like several years ago a return had the wrong date on it and this had been fixed and fine for the past couple of years until the new systems had been put in place. Now the new ATO systems could not cope.

I recently saw the tax agent magazine publish details to tell us to make sure dates of birth are correct. This must be the likely answer for Member 65 by my guess, but, in their case, it worked against them.

Member 68 feedback
We received the same letters for clients reminding clients to lodge their BAS and I could not work it out. If I just received the BAS for all the clients and had team members collate these and send them out, what was I going to do with these strange letters reminding them to lodge the BAS?

Then I had a chat with my team members and we started to notice that a couple of BAS and IAS had not been sent out to clients. I asked a couple of staff what had happened with these BAS and they looked blankly at me telling me that we have not received the BAS yet. For another one we asked the ATO to reissue the statement so that they can pay it.

Once I put 2 and 2 together I finally realised the purpose of these strange letters from the ATO - they must have no idea which ones they did not send out, but they know that they did not send some of them, so here are these letters.

Hope this might help explain some of the issues being faced."

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