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MEMBER 20 writes:

"I think the ATO is in another world.

I recently had dealings in relation to the Audit section of the ATO which resulted in a client's tax file number being compromised. (ie someone was using it for fraudulent imputation claims).

I was advised by the auditor that the client would get a letter advising on what to do now.

Two months later and there was no letter. Contacted auditor again to be advised that no letter would issue as she had spoken to me and the client would need to call into an ATO Sydney CBD address to obtain a new Tax file number with all the necessary proof of identity documentation. There were no means by which this could be done at a regional office such as Parramatta (central Sydney) or Penrith (western Sydney).

I was also advised that the client could not lodge a tax return under any circumstances. As the client is tax payable this part sounds great.

Now my client has to park his $200,000 truck for the day (at personal expense)  to travel into Sydney CBD in order to prove who he is so that he can lodge a tax return and pay income tax??

No letter, just a vague telephone request and no mention of compensation for the day. I doubt he will be in any hurry."

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