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Infinity - or is it priceless?

MEMBER 320 writes:

"I love the ATO's new computer system. It doesn't have the time to issue current year refunds promptly, but it does have the time to do a sweep of prior year assessments raised just in case a "t" wasn't crossed, or an "i" dotted.

I received an amended assessment for a non-resident client that read in part:

Your previous interest income was $5
Your adjusted interest income is $5

Previous Withholding Tax on interest income was $Nil
Adjusted Withholding Tax on interest income is 50 cents

Previous Withholding Tax Balance 50 cents
Adjusted Withholding Tax Balance 50 cents

Result of this Notice 50 cents
Result of your previous Notice 50 cents

Difference between this Notice and your Previous Notice 0.00

Reminds me of that wonderful email that circulates every now again about the person who drew a cheque for 0.00 and allegedly froze computer systems. I have an update for the ATO:

Postage paid on previous letter to client 50 cents
Postage paid on shredding four pages of useless information Nil

Difference between the ATO common sense and the rest of the world - Infinity."