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The Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT) is calling for submissions to develop a new 2014 Work Program. As part of this consultation, The Tax Institute has opportunity to express Members’ concerns regarding certain systemic issues and highlight these concerns as a priority for inclusion in the Work Program. Some potential areas for review in 2014 include taxpayer’s bill of rights, ATO approach to debt collection and ATO’s support for tax practitioners. A complete list of the potential areas for review currently suggested by the IGT can be found in the IGT’s press release dated 9 February 2014.

Last year, we participated in consultations by the IGT on the ATO’s administration of penalties and review of the ATO’s compliance approach to individual taxpayers. We look forward to continuing  our work with the IGT in 2014 and will engage in the reviews the IGT determines it will undertake in the near future, to ensure our Members’ concerns regarding the administration of the tax system are heard.

Members who have suggestions for issues to be included in the Work Program, or preferences regarding the potential areas proposed by the IGT, should email us at We would appreciate your suggestions by Friday 7 March 2014.