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MEMBER 224 writes:

"I had a new client come in this week after hours. He has always prepared his own returns and has started a business. Thinking he knew what he was doing he put $23,000 on business expenses at D5! The ATO stopped his return for review. The review letter was issued on 2 October 2013. He has had contact with the ATO but asked us to clarify. I ring the contact officer and get the following: 'Thanks for calling David. I’m on leave until 4 November 2013. Please ring my colleague Amanda for anything urgent'. So I ring Amanda and get: 'Thanks for calling Amanda, I’m on leave until 17 October 2013. For anything urgent, please ring my team leader Rosina.' By this stage I’m a little frustrated but I persist and ring Rosina and get:  'Thanks for calling Rosina, I’m not available please leave a message'.

Surely they can co-ordinate who is where and when? Between the pothole and the frustration of trying to talk to an actual person, I think I need a subsidy for my blood pressure medication. Or maybe I should just apply for a job at the ATO as I’ve heard people go to work there for the lifestyle change!"