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11 Apr 1313 Is your spouse really a dependant?

MEMBER 70 writes:
"I received a letter from the ATO yesterday informing me that they were going to amend my client's 2011 tax return to disallow a dependant spouse rebate unless my client could provide proof that his wife actually existed (was born and was actually married to my client).
What an insulting joke our beloved ATO is becoming. I can understand them cracking down on bogus claims for dependant rebates; however, in my instance the client has been claiming the rebate since 2001 because, guess what?, his wife is a stay at home wife who does not need to work, let alone lodge a tax return. My guess is that if you are claiming a spouse rebate and the spouse does not need to lodge a tax return then you can expect your client to prove that their spouse actually exists and is not a figment of your imagination. What a joke.
Keep up the Member Feedback as it provides for some light entertainment on a Friday afternoon. Cheers."

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