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MEMBER 52 writes:

“Received my Client List off the Portal to see what’s shown as NOT LODGED.

I have five types of NOT LODGED:

  1. returns for new entities formed in the last few months
  2. returns for clients where the indicator field on the 2012 return was completed showing it was a FINAL return
  3. returns for clients where we went through this process last year and lodged No Further Returns Necessary forms on the Portal with a Receipt
  4. returns for clients where we went through this process the year before last year and lodged CU forms via ELS with a Validation Report
  5. returns that are actually Not Lodged yet.

It has taken me all day yesterday to sort through the five types – have called the Lodgment area at the ATO – ‘they are known issues – don’t worry, we know the 2013 returns aren’t necessary’.

So why can’t agents be given a report out of the SAME SYSTEM that tells them the SAME THING – it’s ridiculous.

What are the 85% percentages worked out on – the report the ATO provides to me or the information they hold?”

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