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19 Jul 1313 It's the system - OK?

MEMBER 149 writes:

"I received my very first Newsletter yesterday from the TPB. It mentioned about providing PI insurance details – I dutifully followed the link and completed the Online form.

At the bottom is a series of statements that I must 'certify'. Para (a) asks me to certify that I have read 'the' written notice sent to me by the TPB.

I have not had any written notice sent to me.

I called and spoke to an officer from the TPB and told him I couldn’t certify that because I hadn’t received any written notice addressed to me – all I did was read a newsletter.

He said don’t worry just sign the online form and submit it.

I said why can’t you change the form so it doesn’t refer to a notice I didn’t receive?

He gave me the usual 'But that’s the SYSTEM – you can’t change it'.

So I said I wouldn’t sign it.

He said fine – goodbye.

Another hour wasted. Can you let Ian R Taylor know for me please?"


“The Tax Institute will raise this concern with the Tax Practitioners Board and report back to members.”