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MEMBER 229 writes:

"I have often sat here reading a lot of comment from fellow practitioners regarding the apparent out-of-date records held by the ATO, and wondered how could the situation get worse. Now I know. I have just had a telephone call from a nominated ATO debt collection agency. The lady identified herself, went through the spiel of recorded conversation, etc etc. Then she asked about my client being aware of a $320 debt. Only trouble is, this taxpayer has not been a client for at least 15 years. My secretary checked our fling records to inform me the client file was shredded in 2003!!! And to top it all off, when informed of this fact, the lady told me I needed to change the details with the ATO. How do I change the details of a taxpayer who is not my client?? Unbelievable. I do not know whether to laugh or cry at this farcical situation.

Thank you TAXVINE for the enjoyment of the reading matter weekly, and for the forum through which I can vent my frustration. Your efforts are much appreciated."