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18 May 1212 Let me check my Excel spreadsheet

MEMBER 114 writes:

"One of our clients was expecting a refund but the ATO assessment showed tax payable. The difference was due to PAYGI - we take the figure reported in the Integrated Client Account ('Transactions relevant to the 2011 income tax year') - and this means the client was due a small refund.

Phoned the ATO and was told: 'We cannot access that system [meaning the Integrated Client Account that we access through the Portal]. We use an Excel spreadsheet - and, according to my spreadsheet, the PAYGI figure is $X.'

When I pointed out that it was a little awkward, as we rely on the figures reported by the ATO through the Portal - and the ATO then ignore those figures and use something else, the advice was: 'You can take it up with the Portal Helpline'."

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