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MEMBER 5 writes:

"I read in today's Australian Financial Review (17/1/12) that the Commissioner considers that Court losses may threaten the tax system. Can I suggest that the fault may lie at the feet of the Commissioner. From what I see, this Commissioner has been one of the (if not the) most aggressive interpreters of the tax law. Rather than being a fair and impartial administrator of the tax law, the ATO under Mr D'Ascenzo seems more intent on collecting as much revenue as possible and will push the legal interpretation of the law to its boundaries to achieve this aim. This year I have had to lodge more complaints about delayed tax refunds of less than $500 than ever before, purely because I can't get any response through the normal channels, and not because any of the refunds have been notified as being selected for review. It has gotten to the stage where I now have a template letter ready to go to the ATO complaints area for these matters. Rather than criticise the Courts, perhaps look in your own backyard, Mr Commissioner."

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