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21 May 2020 Member Feedback

Super Reunification

Member 217 writes

A super reunification item for you. I had a client reunited with their super this month. All I can say is we are somewhat lucky the client registered a myGov account mid-last year to receive ATO communications.

The ATO had received the monies from a retail unclaimed super fund. The money was paid to an account and is now inactive due to a fairly recent SMSF set-up. The good news is, the money is somewhere we can find it, at least.

The ATO passed on the details to the client via a myGov letter. For some reason these letters don’t come out to agents but can be viewed in the ATO Online services The letter was addressed to the client’s former home he lived in, wait for it, it was his parents’ home of 26 years ago. As I say, lucky we had myGov. Well done on this reunification ATO, the systems are well out-of-date though.

Fringe Benefits Tax - old and unlodged

Member 218 writes:

Having a chance to catch my breath from JobKeeper and other issues, I thought I would start on some FBT returns for my clients. 

For one client who prepares and lodges their own BAS, I went into ATO Online services to check what FBT instalments had been paid. The ‘for action’ listing of unlodged returns for this client includes a 2006 fringe benefits tax return. Yes, you read that right, 2006, i.e. 14 years ago!

I am amazed how a return which is 14 years overdue has never been queried by the ATO and has never appeared on any unlodged return listing for 14 years!  As a sanity check, I noticed the PAYG withholding role was registered from 1 July 2008, i.e. some 15 months after the alleged non lodged return. 

Sorry ATO, this is an epic failure. I will not be contacting the ATO or undertaking any action with respect to the 2006 FBT return, you can sort out your own mess.

Tax Reform

Member 219 writes:

With the subject of tax reform having arisen again, there is an elephant in the room that virtually no-one is talking about: the dishonest scare campaign one side of politics perpetually holds ready. We have to call it out for what it is, otherwise, there will be little chance of any genuine reform.

Regarding Member 216 comments ‘ATO emails with NO identification’

ATO response

Thank you member 216 for your response. The ATO uses client mobile numbers and email addresses as they appear on the client record for the purpose of delivering certain communication to the client. Where a tax professional has used their contact details in place of their clients’, they may receive the SMS or email directly. Tax professionals are reminded they can use the Client Communication History in Online Services for Agents to identify all clients that recently received an email and/or SMS from the ATO.


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