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MEMBER 73 writes:

"My latest dose of client harassment by the ATO is as follows. Client rings the ATO to go on a payment plan. Client is asked about the March BAS due within the week. Client responds that we lodge electronically for them and that we advised them that payment and lodgement is due 26 May. The ATO response is that you are now on a payment plan so cannot get the agent extension, your tax agent doesn't know what they are talking about and you must lodge and pay by the 28th of April.

I have read and re-read all legislative references and they refer to the lodgment program, so I go to the lodgment program downloaded today from the ATO to ensure that it is current. No mention of different rules when a taxpayer is on a payment plan. It is bad enough that the ATO harasses clients but then to slander the tax agent's reputation to the client is a joke. This is my business and my livelihood that rely on my reputation that I have developed over years with my clients. It is not good enough, it keeps happening, and the attitude at the ATO needs to change ASAP."

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