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MEMBER 162 writes:

"Our client messed up his BAS - reporting GST in the wrong entity.

We took on this client & advised this should be easy to fix- just revise the BAS in each entity - we also found that our client had underclaimed GST during our review - now my client is a chiropractor so doesn't pay GST - just receives GST refunds of Input tax credits -this might explain why he doesn't care about ATO processes

It's now taken 12 months & we still haven't sorted this out & the client is not happy.

  1. the ATO took 3 Portal emails & 4 months before issuing replacement Document IDs for both entities.
  2. now having lodged all these, one entity has been processed (requiring repayment of $24,000 GST credits) & the ATO is verbally chasing my client for the money already without issuing any assessment notice.
  3. the other entity is owed $40,000 but the ATO knocked back the processing of the BAS refund claims saying they can't process this because the 2 entities are 'grouped'.

The ATO BAS area can't tell the debt management area that the GST refund is due - the debt management area apparently can't see the refunds are due on the internal system.

It seems like the GST grouping doesn't translate into the integrated client account - debt management doesn't care that the GST has just transferred from one taxpayer entity to another - they haven't even bothered to issue amendment notices to our client before harassing him directly for payment.

Couldn't they just allow the BAS to be revised online?

Couldn't they just transfer the GST 'refund' assessments from one entity to another? - I'm sure this happens to other taxpayers."

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