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MEMBER 211 writes:

"In May 2013, we submitted a request for a variation for PAYG Withholding for a client expecting a quick turnaround. The variation was issued to the employer in mid-June. In late July, the client informs us that the variation has not occurred. We rang the ATO and they informed us that the variation notice was sent to the nominated street address of the employer. The client happens to work in the Human Resources department which includes the payroll office duties. However, nothing received. The client informs us that the duties for the implementation of the variation has been out-sourced to a Call Centre in India and that the only way to contact them is via a person in Sydney office of her employer and then an internal email address to India.

So sent a letter to the ATO requesting the variation to be sent to the email address. Client contacts us again on 13 September 2013 with the advice that nothing has changed in her pay structure. So we rang the ATO again and found that a second advice letter was sent to street address back on 23 August 2013 with nothing sent to the email address even though the letter to the ATO specifically requests it to be done.

We spoke to an ATO representative on Friday 13 September 2013 who offered to contact the appropriate person in the advice area to have the email sent. Followed up on that call on Monday 16 September 2013 and found that the representative on Friday did not complete the task. As well, it is against ATO guidelines to send information of a taxpayer by email with a TFN on any letter to a third party. Now we have to wait until Tuesday 17 September to get an answer from the appropriate section. The client has now missed 3 months of a lower tax rate and a helpful section for loan repayments allowed by legislation."