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MEMBER 172 writes: 

"Apart from TaxPack (which is no longer published), one of the most fundamental documents for individual taxpayers from the ATO 'library' was the 'Guide to CGT' (NAT 4151).

I just went searching for latest edition, only to be greeted with the words 'This guide is not available in print or as a downloadable PDF document'.

Most accountants and taxpayers don't have time to trawl around the clumsy ATO blog site endlessly searching (and hoping?) for something accurate and useful.

We have an overly complex tax system for a small country with just maybe 10 million taxpayers. To make matters worse, it seems the ATO is intent on increasing the difficulty of accessing useful information. No wonder so many taxpayers give up trying, and simply opt-out of the all-too-difficult tax system."

TAXVINE COMMENT: It would seem that the document that Member 172 is referring to has been replaced by the ATO's "Guide to capital gains tax 2014", which can be found here